Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton Has Just Realized Personality Is Important!

"People do business with people who they like, who are like them" This is Business 101! I was watching Meet the Nation on CBS this Sunday morning and I was amazed to hear one of the commentators say that Hillary Clinton had just discovered that personality was going to be important in the presidential race.

To me this remark was kind of funny and struck a chord. You would think that everyone in the presidential primaries, knows that people will vote for you if they like you.

The issues are important don't get me wrong, however people buy feelings and emotions and until Hillary Clinton showed some emotion she had little connection and rapport with the voters.

If a candidate shows little emotion, although their arguments and intent are good there will only be a few voters in their audience that they will connect with. However, when people have that warm feeling when someone is truly loved the sky is the limit. If Hillary wants to win the election, she must be truly loved.

The question is, how can she accomplish this?

In my program "Striving for Excellence" which is currently playing on YouTube http://youtube.com/ I discussed two triads. The Personal and Professional Triads, specific principles that one must understand in order to be successful. If any of the candidates can master these triads they will surely gain the presidency.

The legs of Professional Triad are Love, Appreciation and Respect. In order for any candidate to win the race the American people are going to have to fall in love with the candidate. It's going to be important for the candidates to demonstrate in return their appreciation and love of the American people and their willingness to make a difference.

Lastly, the American people have got to respect their candidate. With the economy slipping these days, we want somebody that we can respect that will tell the truth. This is what the American people deserve!

Any candidate who runs in this race, and doesn't garner the respect of the American people will surely lose the election.

The Personal Triad in some respects may be even more important than the Professional Triad. The Legs of the Personal Triad are Faith, Forgiveness And Gratitude. The next president of this country must be a person who possesses an amazing amount of faith. I'm not talking about faith in a religious sense. I'm talking about faith in their abilities in the abilities of the American people to rise above the challenges that we face every day.

The candidate must also possess an enormous capacity of Forgiveness. They will need to be able to forgive themselves and forgive others, because the decisions that they will make may be the most challenging they ever face in their lives.

The last is Gratitude, this leg is like a magnet that attracts all success. When a person is grateful for their circumstances, even in the darkest of times, they will attract the best for the American people.

I believe that the candidate that can harness these principles will be the next president of the United States. I just hope the American people make the right decision!

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maceh said...


I share your sentiments (actually amazement) that Hillary is only now starting to understand that people won't vote for her if they don't like her. Dohhhhhh!

As someone who speaks about performance improvement in medical sales, it is incredible to me how many sales people walk the planet expecting others to "buy" from them just because they are "competent" at what they do or have a good product. People will go out of their way to avoid having anything to do with someone they don't like. The "likability factor" is huge in all walks of life.

Also Rick, like you -- I believe that gratitude is one of the most important emotions. I'm not feeling much gratitude from Hillary. But maybe that will change now that she is starting to "get it."

Thanks for your slant. I enjoy reading your Blog.

Mace Horoff
Sales Pilot Medical Sales Training
Medical Sales School

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein said...

Dr. Rick, I liked your models and agree that much of our choice in the voting booth has to do with the 'likability' factor. The problem that all the candidates face however is projecting who they really are across the media. I'll admit I'm a political junkie and watch a lot of cspan...Watching candidates give whole speeches, field questions from the audience and interact, I can see a lot more of their personality than in the carefull cropped photos and sound bites that appear on most TV programs. One of the advantages to the way the primaries work in some of the smaller states is that candidates have to get up close and personal with the voters...no filters. It might be revealing for all of the candidates to show up in our living rooms without their handlers and let us judge for ourselves. The logistics don't work but...
Thanks for your insights and models.
Dr. Rebecca

Gabriela said...

Dear Dr. Goodman,

Your "diagnosis" of Hillary Clinton's potential victory or loss is bull's eye! You can be the "brainiest" person in the world, with the most prestigious degrees hanging on your wall, with the best of successes in your list of accomplishments and yet, if you are not able to connect with people and convey the message that you truly care about them with your warmth, your work will not reach the final destination - in Clinton's case - to become the next President of The United States!

Dr. Gaby Cora