Thursday, December 04, 2008

We Are in a Recession No Duh!

It amazed me to watch the local and national news last night and have our so-called experts tell us that we're in a recession. Do they think that the American people are so stupid that we haven't figured this out a long time ago?

I know there's a common adage that he who yells loudest might just be believed. Unfortunately there are a good number of Americans that truly believed President Bush when he said we were not in a recession.

I think it's imperative that each one of us as Americans not only begin to think for ourselves but we should also be listening to Jimmy Cricket and let our conscience be your guide not the talking heads are politicians who attempt to tell us what we should be thinking!

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Mberenis said...

I'd like to Post a CommentThe recession really isn't that bad if you know where to look. The bailout money is spilling over to us believe it or not. I've done research and found that there is more money than what you think...

Bailout Spillover